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House of Finance

Financial Advisor and Consultants

I have know added Debt Management Plans to my portfolio of services already available. A debt Management plan aims to, re negotiate repayments with your creditors, leaving you with more disposable income. Debt Management Plans Who have overstretched themselves with credit cards, loans or overdrafts. Whose monthly expenditure now exceeds their monthly income Who are using credit cards to pay off other debts or to pay for items they previously bought with cash Who have had a consolidation loan refused Whose circumstances have changed due to a divorce, separation, bereavement, loss of job or overtime Who feel like no one is listening Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) It is a formal arrangement with your creditors and has the following benefits: Your home is protected from further action by creditors You can repay your debt in affordable monthly instalments Your creditors cannot charge any further interest and charges ..and With your creditors' agreement you can write off a proportion of your debt. Debt Management plans are available for Companies, and Partnership Company Voluntary Arrangements Partnership Voluntary Arrangement. Products already available are Personal Protection Plans for individual / dependents/or partnership. If you have any enquires don't hesitate to contact me 07543-656611 An Hour and a Half of your time can make all the difference!

telephone:07543 65 6611

email:[email protected]

Address:London Clapham

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